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"Circles, squares, and triangles often appear in doodles. They represent basic needs for love, security, sex, and survival. Look out for curves and spirals. " 


Why Choose Le' Rez Pigments and Pastes?


$25,$50, AND $100

I am proud to announce that I am now selling the Le' Rez Pigments and Pastes. They are amazing and you get amazing results. They are high pigmented powders and pastes that create beautiful colors for your art. These pigments are reasonably priced for such high quality. Just see for yourself.

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At Le'Rez Expressions, we value your privacy and your private information will not be shared. Your payments will be processed through Pay Pal who offer a safe payment platform.

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All items purchased from Le'Rez Expressions are 100% refundable . If you are not happy with your purchase please notify me and return your items within 14 days of purchase. Your payment will be fully refunded (excluding any shipping costs), as soon as the items are received in their original packaging. 

“The Le Rez Expressions product line is not only superior in coverage and effects but also affordable. The colors are so shimmery and pigmented. They truly are the Cadillac of all pigments.”

Tammy Russell Anderson-Resin Artist

“Hands down, the quality of Le Rez pigments and paste are consistently upper shelf. The saturation is phenomenal with so little needed making the product go a long way. Even beginners can easily get lacing with this highly concentrated pigment paste. After using Le Rez, all the other rows of previously purchased pigments are collecting dust in my studio. It is my "go to" for luster and visual impact.”

One-Eyed Bec-Resin Artist

 “I just recently purchased some Le’ Rez Expressions pigments and added them to my pallet. I love the beautiful variations of colours and tones in the pigment range. They blend beautifully with other colours I have too. My favorites so far are the cinnamon spice and forrest green. These are my first experiments using the pigments. I can’t wait to work on the second layer!”

Cathy Lane

Resin Artist

About Us

Laura Usher

store owner

Hi, My names is Laura Usher and I am the traveling artist.

For as long as I have been able to manipulate a medium, I have been creating art. As soon as I was offered a pencil, I was drawing and nurturing a creative drive. I soon found myself doodling in class when I was finished with my work. I have always enjoyed the blissful release when holding a pencil, a pen, a brush. Art has permeated all of my life's ambitions and bleeds from my soul. Art touches everything and everyone.

When I was presented with the choices of courses in college, iI enrolled in some art classes while I was earning my intended Liberal Arts degree. It was in those courses that I realized what I should have known all along. Art is my passion, it is an innate part of me. Art is the part of me that requires release and allows me to stay centered. I have always loved every bit of the art process, so, I changed to pursue Commercial Art. It was one of the best decisions for me to nurture what fuels my soul.

In 1982 I started creating artfully designed wedding cakes and my cake business took off from there. To this day, people eat my art at celebrations.

My husband and I like to travel and fully explore the treasures wherever we go. On one such excursion, we visited an art gallery. That visit changed my creative direction. Of all the dabbling in different arts, I was mesmerized by what hung before me. I was pulled into the most beautiful piece of art ever. It was a resin piece with gold leafing and glitter submerged in the layers. I fell in love. I told my husband that "someday" I want to tryf that medium. Someday quickly came and I have yet to be satiated or grown tired of the beauty and surprise that comes with the science of this art form. Well, it’s that someday. I love creating with this medium! I gave it my full attention and began amassing different colorants and continue learning new techniques. In my quest to broaden my skills, I travel to locations to collaborate and create with other artists. I have adopted the tradition of doing a spirited shot to kick off and wet the creative process at each location.

I currently work with kids that have Autism. Fluid art is a tactile art with acrylic paints that helps bridge the differences between the kids I assist and their peers. I can share techniques with my students and they are always surprised of the outcome and proud to show their successes. The smile on their faces when they see what they created, says it all. In my day job I get to teach what I love.

I eat, drink, and teach art. It is my happy place and I am blessed by those with whom I get to share.

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